What is Curiosity.com?

Curiosity was incubated within Discovery Communications and became a standalone business at the end of 2014 (press release here). Our goal is to inspire our audience to learn something new every day. We do this by curating the web’s best learning content in an environment designed specifically for knowledge exchange.


What does Curiosity do?

Curiosity curates content for educational purposes; we also create original content to enhance and compliment the curated content included on our platform.

Specifically, our editors cull through hundreds of thousands of videos on various third party platforms to find the best content to ignite curiosity in our audience. We select relevant, high-quality content that serves our educational mission in our platform, which leverages third party APIs and embedded players to present that content to users in one place.

The Curiosity team also creates original infographics and articles to highlight these curated videos and various topics. Curiosity’s original content is posted across our social media channels, via email, and in our app. The main purpose of this content is to expose our growing audience to fascinating topics and high-quality creators.

Powered by a proprietary relevance engine, our site also organizes videos into dynamic learning “paths,” allowing users to get lost in topics that fascinate them and discover new content creators in the process.


What is your vision for content creators?

We started Curiosity in order to become the rising tide that lifts all creators of educational content. The web is saturated with great learning content, but lacks a clear channel where individuals can find and engage with it. We set out to solve that problem by creating a platform that is 100% dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and that selects and highlights high-quality content. Our platform was designed to encourage lifelong learning and our engagement metrics validate that. With this in mind, we hope that Curiosity.com is a site that content creators feel excited about when their content is selected for inclusion on the platform.

Our long-term goal is to empower content creators to optimize and monetize their content and build a leading brand. A robust analytics dashboard, the opportunity to participate in revenue-sharing, and dynamic profile pages are all currently on our roadmap for creators.


Who is visiting Curiosity and where do they come from?

Curiosity is for all lifelong learners. We see millions of visitors on a monthly basis. Most of them come to us through our social channels, word-of-mouth, and our partnership with Discovery Communications, who promotes us on its social media channels, digital properties, and cable networks.


How does Curiosity filter what content and which content creators appear on the site?

In order to be a part of our site, a creator’s content must promote our mission of knowledge exchange. In other words, it must impart knowledge.

From there, we review the content and reserve the right to not list or feature anything we feel is inappropriate, offensive, or not to our quality standards.


How can I list my videos on Curiosity.com or have my content featured on Curiosity.com and Curiosity’s social channels?

If you already have videos on our site (check to see if you’re listed on our content creator page), then we will automatically pull in new videos that you post to your YouTube channel. If you aren’t seeing a specific video of yours, feel free to contact us at content@curiosity.com.

We welcome your recommendations, so if you have a video you think would be suited for promotion through our platform or social channels, feel free reach out to content@curiosity.com. Please keep in mind that won’t be able to honor every recommendation.


Does Curiosity make money from its curated content?

Right now we’re not making any money from the curated content that is selected for inclusion in the platform. Instead, we are completely focused on building a great audience and experience.


How can I make money off of Curiosity?

Our platform leverages third party video players and APIs, including YouTube and Vimeo, so the content that plays on our site or in our mobile application is the same format you posted to the relevant third party video platform.

For example, if we curated your videos through the YouTube embedded player, and you currently have ads turned on with YouTube, then your ads will run like normal on Curiosity.com and in our mobile apps. In other words, you may already be making money off of Curiosity.

For more information about YouTube’s ads, see here: Ads on Embedded Videos

As we grow, we plan to offer you more means to generate revenue through our site, whether that’s selling merchandise, connecting our audience to creator’s tools such as Patreon, or taking advantage of sharing in our revenue.


Do video views on Curiosity properties get counted on YouTube?

If we curated your videos from YouTube, then we are using YouTube’s API in its original form. Therefore, the views on Curiosity.com and our properties will register YouTube video counts as they would anywhere else.


How can I update my profile page on Curiosity?

Currently we are updating all of the profile pages manually and are trying to keep up the best we can by providing at least a link to your YouTube page, Facebook profile, or website, where applicable. If you have requests or questions about your profile page, please email us at content@curiosity.com.


What else should I know?

Here is the legalese relating to the use of our site and platform: https://curiosity.com/terms/

Nothing in there should give you the feeling that we have any intentions outside of everything noted above, but if you have questions, let us know!


Can I give you feedback?

Yes please. Email us at content@curiosity.com