Corrections Policy

We here at Curiosity are obsessed with learning new things and helping our fans do the same. But we’re human, and sometimes we get things wrong. When that happens, it’s important that we let you know. Why? Not only do we want you to come away with the most accurate information, but we believe that admitting our mistakes is the only way we can get better. (Plus, thanks to the pratfall effect, mistakes just make us more likable.)

When we make a correction, we generally update the article to reflect the most accurate information, then append a correction to the article with the date the information was corrected. As for the placement of that correction, we follow the lead of most major news outlets in that the placement of the correction reflects the gravity of the error. Major corrections go at the top, more minor ones go at the bottom. 

Since Curiosity is centered on facts about the world rather than up-to-the-minute news, we try to keep our content evergreen. To that end, we regularly update articles to reflect the latest information. Updates in these cases are not noted and are simply reflected in a new publish date.

If you find an error, let us know! You can email us at, or send us a direct message on Twitter via @curiositydotcom.